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1.1.Enterprise SPA Arkadia appertain to SIA „Efija-2”, 40103137905, at Apsuciems, Tukuma district, Latvia hereinafter – SPA Centre
1.2.Rules for visitors determines the order in which visitors get services in SPA Centre, safety, health and other requirements for visitors, SIA „Arkana”. rights, obligations and other limitations of liability.
1.3.Rules for visitors are elaborate, to provide pleasant stay in SPA Centre, good mood of each visitor, and to avoid of unpleasant misunderstandings, traumas and damages.
1.4.Rules for visitors should be followed by all visitors irrespective of age. A visitor prior to signing a service agreement (purchase enterence) should carefully read these rules and follow them while receiving the services. Rules for visitors and instructions (guidelines) are elaborate under the provision of legislation of the Republic of Latvia.
1.5.The rules are written in three languages on the posters and placed in the territory of the SPA Centre, in the foyer at the entry and published on the home page Where a visitor sustains damage or incurs damage to a third party as a result of failure to follow these rules or also ignores the staff’s instructions, SIA „Efija-2”. does not bear any responsibility.
1.6.Visitors should assess their physical abilities and swimming skills prior to visiting the SPA Centre. Visitor will follow the rules for visitors and instructions (guidelines) to avoid from hurting themselves.
1.7.SIA „Efija-2” in accordance with the Personal Data Protection Law, the processing of personal data, create video surveillance in the territory of SPA Centre to protect the visitor's life, health and property rights. Manager: SIA „Efija-2”, Apsuciems,Tukuma district, Latvia, contacts:

2.1.Purchase of a SPA Cente enter that the visitor is familiar with the internal rules and undertakes to follow them.
2.2.Children younger than 10 y/o may visit only if accompanied by parents or by an adult and should stay under strict care of such persons. Adults must be at least 18 y/o and bear responsibility for the health condition, behaviour as well as for observance of these rules by the children entrusted to them.
2.3.Children at the age of 11 to 13 y/o may visit without presence and accompaniment of parents or adults, if one of the child’s parents at the entry signs a confirmation of personal responsibility assuming care and responsibility for their child, the child’s health condition, behaviour, as well as for observance of these rules. 
2.4.Children from 14 y/o may visit without presence and accompaniment of parents or adults, provided preservation of the parents’ care for the child, responsibility for the child’s health condition, behaviour, as well as for observance of these rules.
2.5.Depending upon occupancy the administration of SIA „Efija-2” is entitled to suspend admission of visitors for a time until a vacant place becomes available.
2.6.Admission of visitors to SPA Centre ends 60 minutes before closing.

3.1.SPA Centre is not intended for visitation and it is strictly prohibited to be visited by:
3.1.1.persons with fever, conjunctivitus, skin diseases or other contagious diseases, open wounds, bandages, protruding moles or other skin formations or other diseases that endanger the visitor himself or endanger life and health of other visitors;
3.1.2.persons in a poor health condition (cardiovascular diseases, rhinitis, head injuries, diarrhea etc.);
3.1.3.persons under alcohol or other intoxicants;
3.2.Visitation of SPA Centre can be prohibited to any person, including a person, whose visitation can threaten the order, safety and hygiene condition of the water park and /or whose behaviour contravenes morals or rules of conduct.
3.3.A visitor, who fails to follow these rules, caution signs, captions placed in the park, instructions of the rescuers, the staff’s instructions on observance of these rules, can be evicted from the SPA Centre without refunding of the paid admission price.

4.SPA Centre USAGE
4.1.With an bracelet with key in the territory of SIA „Efija-2” a visitor may close /open one locker in the locker room.
4.2.A visitor, at the request of the staff, should present an identity card or any other document to certify that the visitor is entitled to any discount.
4.3.A visitor may stay in swimming pool slippers, in swimming trunks, swim-wear or in beach clothes. is not allowed to stay in swimming trunks and swim-wear with open zippers, buckles, rivets, metal, glass /glassy material ornaments.
4.5.Glasses should be secured with straps.
4.6.Before entering and after a visitor must take a shower.
4.7.For the safety purposes it is prohibited to bring glass subjects into the sideshow area of the park.
4.8.Changing clothes and exposure is allowed only in the designated places – in changing room.
4.9.Saunas, swimming pools, must be vacated 15 minutes before the end of the working hours of the SPA Centre.
4.10.Whereas SIA „Efija-2” does not take charge of the visitor’s belongings, but just affords lockers to visitors for use, SIA „Efija-2” assumes no responsibility for damage, destruction and loss of clothes, documents, mobile phones, valuables etc. things left in the territory of the park, cloakroom and lockers. 
4.11.SIA „Efija-2” assumes no responsibility for any damage, loss or injuries etc. resulted from the visitor’s negligence, lack of proper attention, carelessness or disregard of these rules, including non-observance of the staff’s instructions.
4.12.SIA „Efija-2” assumes no responsibility for any damage, losses sustained by visitors while in the territory of the SPA Centre, where such damage, losses are caused by a third party or other circumstances, for which SIA „Efija-2” are not responsible in accordance with these rules and statutory regulations.
4.13.In case of damage to health and /or property of visitors of SPA Centre it is necessary to immediately call the staff in order to document the scene, time and circumstances of accident, if necessary, render the first aid and register in the SIA „Efija-2” accident /medical registry.
4.14.A visitor is held liable for all and any damages, losses incurred to SIA „Efija-2” or to a third party.
4.15.A child under ten years old while in water accompanied by at least one adult must always stay within arm’s reach. This requirement also applies to groups of children. The fine for non-compliance with this instruction amounts to EUR 50,00.
4.16.Any employee of the SPA Centre is eligible to give directions to visitors as regards observance of these rules, but visitors must follow such directions.
4.17.Visitors may use the locker rooms only during visiting. After visiting the lockers must be open and emptied from all things, without keeping them.
4.18.Food and beverages may be taken only in the designated places.
4.19.Toilets and locker rooms must be used based on anatomical and biological rather than acquired gender.
4.20.The locker rooms are intended for usage only to change clothes. Any other actions unrelated to clothes changing, including washing of clothes, hair dying, are prohibited.
4.21.Brought along swimming accessories must be presented to the staff and they may be used only with permission of the staff.
4.22.Waste must be put in the designated containers.

4.23. Customers with bleached / damaged or chemically treated hair (especially light) MUST wear bathing caps while staying in the pool and / or Jacuzzi. After visiting hair must be washed with shampoo.

4.24.Before jacuzzi, steam bath, sauna or visit the pool MUST have a shower.

4. 25. Before the showers use !!!caution!!! Make sure that when you open the water tap in the shower, it does not flow through the water too hot.

4. 26. Visit self-assessing their state of health and other circumstances, and according to them to choose the appropriate type of sauna and suitable length of stay in the sauna.

5.IN THE TERRITORY OF SPA CENTRE IT IS PROHIBITED scream, whistle and call for help without need, run (the visitor might slip and be injured), push other visitors, use the SPA Centre in inappropriate clothes, for instance, in underwear. Children under 3 y/o and people with incontinence may visit the SPA Centre only in waterproof nappies, jump into the swimming pools from edges, run along the pool edges and jump into pools, spit on the floor and water, ease oneself outside of toilets. The fine for non-observance of this prohibitation, as well as for child’s urination outside of toilet makes up EUR 20,00. use saunas and swimming pools under alcohol, drugs or other intoxicants. The staff is eligible to ask to pass an alcohol test and to evict a drunken visitor (permissible margin is 0.5 per mille) or visitors, who avoid to pass an alcohol test, from the SPA Centre without refunding of the paid admission price, use by pregnant women, ignore the instructions and rules, indications of the swimming pool depth,
5.8.for people, who cannot swim, to stay in the park without “swimmies” or life vests, leave children under 14 y/o unattended by adults, drink alcoholic beverages, if you are under 18 y/o, pour water or other liquids onto electrical devices present in the premises of the SPA Centre, enter premises intended only for the staff and not intended for visitors, smoke. The fine for non-observance of this prohibition is EUR 50,00,
5.14.for individual groups of people – to use a part of the SPA Centre in a way that restricts or obstructs other visitors to use this part, use water and beverages in the locker rooms, use computers, cameras, video cameras and other similar devices in the premises of the SPA Centre, in locker rooms, shower cubicles, socialize with the staff in a way that interferes with performance of their obligations or otherwise obstructs performance of obligations of the staff, use chewing gum, dive and remain under water for a long time, hold breath for a dare.

6.1.It is prohibited to bring water and beverages in the teritory of the park. The fine of EUR 100,00 shall be charged for bringing glassware in the park with following eviction from the SPA Centre without refunding of the paid admission price.
6.2.The fine for lossor demage of a cloakroom key or braslet makes up EUR 7,00.
6.3. Penalty of gross abus of an employee of SIA „Efija-2” or disobedience to reprimands or indications of an employee of SIA „Efija-2” makes up EUR 100,00


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