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Hotel conditions

Hotel conditions

1. Arrival from 15.00 pm.

1.1. The request to inform in advance on early arrival or late departure. Your request will be accepted, considering the possibilities of the hotel.

1.2. It is necessary to agree with the hotel about the late arrival, otherwise the reservation of the visitor who has not arrived till 18.00 pm will be cancelled.

1.3. Non-guaranteed reservation is valid up to 18.00 pm.

2. Departure till 12.00

2.1. In case of departure delay after 12.00 pm (from 12.00 pm - till 18.00 pm) – the visitor should pay in addition 50 % from a total cost of the room.

2.2. In case of a departure delay after 18.05 pm, it will be necessary for the visitor to pay 100 % of the total cost of the room .

3. Room reservation

3.1. In order to book a room, call via phone: 371 63143130, 371 29132765, or send applications at our homepage or e-mail at

4. Reservation and cancellation conditions

4.1. Reservation is guaranteed in case, when the advance payment is carried out or the credit card data has been presented, or under the mutual agreement.

4.2. To guarantee reservation by a credit card, it is necessary to present information on a card type, number and validity, or the payment check if the payment has been carried out by a tranferring.

4.3. Guaranteed reservation can be cancelled without any payment within 72 hours/3 days after the reservation date of arrival.

4.4. In case of untimely refusal or not informing the hotel administration about refusal, the hotel does not return the sum of an advance payment.

4.5. In case of untimely refusal from reser4vation guaranteed by a credit card, the penalty money is to be collected at amount of 100 % of the total cost of the room.

5. Animal accomodation

5.1. Animals –it is authorized to stay in the hotel with cats and dogs, coordinating this with the hotel administration and following further mentioned conditions, otherwise the cheking in is to be forbidden:

5.2. The animal is to be contained in a special cell (cats and small dogs), the dog should have a muzzle and a short string during walk (1,50).

5.3. The accommodation of an animal in the hotel is permitted, whose size does not exceed 25 cm, the cost of stay for an animal – 7.50Euro per night. Exceeding 25 sm, the cost of stay in the hotel for one animal - 15.00Euro per night.

5.4. The animal should have registration certificate, a refistration number on a collar, the passport (the medical document on inoculations from furiousness).

5.5. In case of a wilful entrance into the hotel, the penalty money is to be collected from the client in amount of 70.00Euro.

5.6. The visitor is fully responsible for any material and moral damage done to Hotel SPA Arkadia and the third party.

6. Other conditions

6.1. The breakfast is not included in the room price.

6.2. All hotel accommodations are non-smoking. The penalty for smoking in the hotel – 70.00Euro.

6.3. In case of the hotel key loss or damage the penalty money is to be collected at amount of 20.00Euro.

6.4. There are other conditions of cancellation for group reservations.

7. Security conditions

7.1. It is formidden to bring and store in room flammable subject matters, as well as to use personal electric heaters, or spoil the hotel property of hotel and disturb other visitors.

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